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dc.contributor.authorSkjæveland, Yngve
dc.contributor.authorBuaas, Ellen Holst
dc.contributor.authorMoen, Kari Hoås
dc.identifier.citationSkjæveland, Y., Buaas, E. H. & Moen, K. H. (2016). Teaching Cultural Heritage In Culturally Diverse Early Childhood Centres In Norway. International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research. 13(2), 82–92.nb_NO
dc.description.abstractThis article discusses teaching cultural heritage in culturally diverse Early Childhood Centres (ECCs) in Norway. What type of cultural heritage should be conveyed in an ECC with cultural diversity, and in what ways can this happen? Based on interviews with directors and pedagogical leaders in selected ECCs, staff members’ understanding of the concept of cultural heritage and their teaching of heritage in practice is analysed. The findings are analysed within a theoretical framework of cultural heritage, diversity and children’s ‘formation’ (Bildung). The study reveals a lack of consciousness of cultural heritage on behalf of the ECC staff, as well as an absence of criteria for the selection of teaching content. Despite this, the centres have developed a variety of methods and tools in their work with culture and traditions. A critical approach to cultural heritage together with development of competence in the staff is needed. A stronger emphasis on teaching content and on common elements shared by several cultures would strengthen the ECCs’ work in this area.nb_NO
dc.publisherUniversity of Cumbria in Association with the Historical Association of Great Britainnb_NO
dc.subjectcultural diversitynb_NO
dc.subjectcultural heritagenb_NO
dc.subjectqualitative researchnb_NO
dc.subjectteaching cultural heritagenb_NO
dc.titleTeaching Cultural Heritage In Culturally Diverse Early Childhood Centres In Norwaynb_NO
dc.typeJournal articlenb_NO
dc.typePeer reviewednb_NO
dc.source.journalInternational Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Researchnb_NO

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